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The Quiet Resolution
           A National Black African American Empowerment Plan

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The Art Of Black Love by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd
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The Revised Amended Constitution for the United States of America for the 21st Century eBook 
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Day By Day Words and Inspiration & Journal eBook in pdf Format 

Reparations Now! For 
Black African Americans And Here’s What We Want eBook in pdf Format

Reparations Now! For Black African Americans And Here’s What We Want eBook in ePub Format 

Was Voting Rights A Trap For Black African Americans? 

Essay by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd
A conscious response to the US Supreme Court's Decision that kills the 1964 Voting Rights Act. Now What?

Black African American Pledge 
by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd
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Black African American Men Must Stand Up!
 Essay by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd

Black Woman’s Prayer

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The Oath Of Black Love

The Oath Of Love is Black African American’s Pledge of Allegiance which sets the tone for our behavior and attitude toward our own self-empowerment.

I, (say your name),

Pledge my life, fortune and sacred honor to the empowerment of Black African American People wherever we live, work or play.

To help Black African American People achieve success without expecting reward or compensation.

Acknowledge that our uplift and empowerment depends on our ability to collaborate with integrity, honor and without greed.

To take personal responsibility for all my actions, attitudes and choices without excuses.

To reject all programming that does not empower Black African American People to improve our group’s economic conditions.

I will defend and protect the health and welfare of Black African American People against all enemies, foreign, domestic or internal, but especially our children and seniors from all forms of bullying, violence and discrimination.

To work much-much harder to develop my talents and gifts through education and training for the benefit of myself, my family and Black African American People.

To demonstrate Black Love through my positive attitude, family, community, social and business interactions.

I pledge to avoid all self-hating and humiliating behaviors that interferes with our economic, social, educational, health and legal empowerment. 

So help me God!

Written by C. Earl Campbell DA 3rd 2012 for my people.



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