Web Applications

  • Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) – A renewable energy startup with a US Patent entitle “Hydroelectric Power System issued on Mar. 91, 2013 for a large-scale hydroelectric power plant designed inside a 70-story building. http://www.ahecEnerg.com
  • EduiPay – A Global Crowdfunding Platform that allows anyone to give money for a “Good Cause” using their Payroll Deduction System. https://www.EduiPay.com

  • WaigMe – A Peer To Peer Sports and Awards Show Wagering Platform that allow any two people to place funds into a single pot and the loser pays the winner and the winner rates the loser. https://www.WaigMe.com
  • CrimesPays – A Crime Solving Platforms that allows any to anonymously provide a tip to solve violent crime and receive half the reward when a suspect is investigated and arrested and the final reward when the suspect is tried and convicted in a court. https://www.CrimePays4Tips.com
  • Gozarr – A Global Rideshare for Urban, Suburban and Rural Underserved Populations that charges a Flat Price based on distance travel. https://www.Gozarr.com
  • PB Go Getter – A Lottery Service Platform that allowed users in states that did not sell lottery tickets too Powerball and MegaMillions to order tickets for a flat fee. https://www.pbgogetter.com
  • My Money Budget – A personal website for my digital products. eBooks, Music, Apps, Games, Web Applications, Videos and Projects. https://www.mymoneybudget.com

The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) – TQR, Inc. is a Comprehensive National Black African American Empowerment Plan. http://www.tqrinc.com

Whouter.com – A Free Speech Social Media Platform designed to protect user’s privacy. http://www.whouter.com