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1. The Art of Black Love

Black African Americans don’t know what was done to create and maintain us as group in our current social and economic conditions. The Art of Black Love explains the history and offers solutions to our uplift and empowerment.

2. Did Magic Take The Last Cookie?

Erving Magic Johnson is one of my heroes. I was inspired when his wife Cookie Johnson decided to stay with him, after he contracted HIV through extramarital affairs. Most Black Women would have filed for divorce and left with half of his fortune. She did not! So I wrote a book about the Power of their relationship as I perceived it by asking “Did Magic Take The Last Cookie?”

3. Reparations Now! For Black African Americans And Here’s What We Want

2020 Presidential Candidates are publicly supporting the idea of Reparations, but not really. Most Black African Americans don’t know what form of Reparations we should get. I specially request that Black African American create a Reparations Commission to manage all forms of Reparations for the benefit of All Black African Americans who supports Reparations and who are the descendants of Enslaved Africans. We want a Constitutional Amendment granting Land, Special Regulations and Status, Money, a Group Self-Tax, and Equity in all US owned resources.

4. Revised Amended Constitution For The United States Of America For The 21st Century

The American System is broken. Only by amending the US Constitution to correct it, will America survive another century. Americans refuse to be controlled by a dictator like Chinese, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea. I offered specific amendment proposal that will help save American from self-destruction.

5. Day By Day Words And Inspirations

Day By Day was my first physical book that I wrote to share daily inspirational quotes. It is intended to inspire, provoke, challenge, and make you laugh. I hope that everyone reading it would use it to write their own eBook of daily inspirational and funny quotes.

6. The Adventures of Booo and Mooo Bedtime Stories (10)

The Adventures of Booo! and Mooo! are a series of 10 Children eBooks written as 10 minute bedtime stories for busy parents who need to read to their infants and toddlers. Booo is a Hip Hop Ghost and Mooo is a Country Cow who become best friends and go on adventures and learn lessons about love, family, friends, honesty, courage, technology, and more.