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These eBooks, Apps, Games, Music, Videos and Movies were created by  C. Earl Campbell  DA 3rd  


1. The Art of Black Love

2. Did Magic Take The Last Cookie?

3. Reparations Now! For Black African Americans And Here’s What We Want

4. Revised Amended Constitution For The United States Of America For The 21st Century

5. Day By DAy Words And Inspirations

6. The Adventures of Booo and Mooo Bedtime Stories (10)

Music and Videos

1. Mad Suicidal Bomber (MSB)

2. Blackman’s Birth, Love and Consciousness

3. Courage to Die or Live Free

4. Black Messiah

5. Trumptime!

6. Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!  Hands Down Shoot Back!

7. Positive For My People

Web Applications

1.  Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) – http://www.ahecEnerg.com – A Renewable Energy Startup with a Hydroelectric Power Plant designed inside a 70 story building offering a cleaner, safer, and cheaper replacement globally for fossil fuels and nuclear power plants. US Patent #8,400,007 B2 entitled “Hydroelectric Power System”

2. CrimePays – https://www.CrimePays4Tips.com – A Violent Crime Solving Platform for large cities.

3. EduiPay – https://www.EduiPay.com – A Global Crowdfunding Platform that allows anyone to give money through their Payroll Deduction Platform.

4. WaigMe – https://www.WaigMe.com – A Global Peer To Peer Sports and Award Show Wagering Platform.

5. Aah Star – https://www.AahStar.com – A Social Media Platform for Professional Athletes, Entertainers and their existing social media followers and fans.

6. My Money Budget – https://www.MyMoneyBudget.com – Personal Website for my digital products.

7. The Quiet Resolution (TQR) – http://www.tqrinc.com – National Comprehensive Black Empowerment Plan to improve the social, economic, education, security, legal, and healthcare of  Black African American People.

Apps and Games

1. Rest In Peace

2. Mr. Bills

3. EduiPay

4. Cubie Cube

5. PuzzIt

6. Petition 4 Power

Inventions and Innovations

1. Rain Maker Wildfire Solution – https://youtu.be/KmlfhkGZNOU  – https://youtu.be/y2L_8I2hJo0 

2. Hurricane Solution

3. Tornado Solution

4. Flood Barrier Solution – 

5. Ohms Law Cyber Security –

6. Graphene Technology Devices

7. Space Elevator

8. Outer Space Magnetic Propulsion Engine

9. Magnetic Train Propulsion

10. Aero Containers

11. California’s Drought Solution –